Tyler Gill with Inshore Redfish

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Tyler Gill with Inshore Redfish
Tyler Gill with Inshore Black Drum


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April 16, 2018

We have gotten a little warmer in April, although if you live in the Northern states, you're probably having that "Never Ending Winter" feeling. As I write this, Green Bay Wisconsin is having blizzard like conditions  with record levels of snowfall for this time of year and we're having gale force winds here. I was grateful for the opportunity to take the very nice Krause family of 5 from Wisconsin fishing this past Saturday and was able to help them catch some decent sized Drum during their first saltwater fishing experience; even the youngest, 6 year old Natalie was able to set the hook and fight a good sized Drum on her own for a little while until she got tired and then asked her big brother, 9 year old Alex for help; who then was then able to bring the fish close enough to the boat to where I could get it into the landing net.  I believe that I was able to help them make some pleasant memories that will last a lifetime. The weather is warming up and the fish bite is getting better also. If you would like to make some pleasant fishing memories that will last a lifetime; please contact me and I will endeavor to assist you and your family or friends in achieving that goal.

Capt. Chris 

​February 23, 2018

The weather this week has been great....for February. The water temperature is hovering around 67. Me and my son, Tyler decided to go and look for some fish yesterday and we did find a few nice ones in the couple of hours that we were out there. The Redfish and Black Drum are becoming more active with the warmer temperatures and according to the weather forecast for the foreseeable future, it looks like we will continue to experience great weather with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. If this weather pattern holds, the fish bite should only get better. So if you have been waiting for things to warm up in order to enjoy some fishing, contact me and let's Go Fish for some Reds and Black Drum.

​Capt. Chris

March 30, 2018

I'll start by saying that I think March and February got their dates mixed up! March was so much colder and felt more like Winter than February did. That being said, the fishing conditions were tougher than anticipated for March with the lower temperatures, higher winds and cold, rainy days resulting in lower than usual water temperatures that slowed the bite considerably. However this past week we have observed climbing air temperatures along with a slow, but slight rise in water temperature resulting in a better bite. Our primary action is coming from Redfish and Black Drum. Someone told me yesterday that they had caught some short, "throw-back" Flounder; that's a good sign that some larger ones may be showing up soon. I still have a few slots open for next week and the weather forecast looks great, so if you're here for Spring Break and want to go after some Redfish or Black Drum, give me a call and let's Go Fish.

I wish everyone a Blessed Easter.

​Capt. Chris